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Arena magazine - Volume 41

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Arena magazine - Volume 41

Published 1909

The Arena magazine
Volume 41: January through August 1909 (Whole Nos. 229-233)
B.O. Flower, editor; Carl S. Vrooman, foreign editor
Published by Albert Brandt, Publisher, Trenton, NJ and Boston, MA.
(Final 3 issues produced by Stephen C. Cook as Trustee in Bankruptcy for Albert Brandt.)
No Bound-In Table of Contents for this volume. Some pages chipped with loss.

JANUARY 1909 (WHOLE NO. 229)
pp. 3-17 - Archibald Henderson: "The Career of Bernard Shaw"
pp. 17-19 - David Graham Phillips: "Economic Independence the Basis of Freedom"
pp. 20-29 - Carl S. Vrooman: "A Highly-Efficient State Railway Administration" (Europe)
pp. 30-38 - William J. Roe: "The Atlantic Deep Waterway"
pp. 38-41 - Lucius F.C. Garvin: "Better City Government"
pp. 41-46 - John D. Works: "Medicine, Hypnotism and Religion"
pp. 47-52 - Eliot White: "The Christian Socialist Fellowship"
pp. 53-56 - Waldo Pondray Warren: "The Rationale of Common-Ownership"
pp. 57-73 - B.O. Flower: "'The Servant in the House' as a Drama and as a Religious Allegory"
pp. 74-91 - "Our Literary Section"
pp. 91-99 - B.O. Flower: "Socialism as a Practical Idealism: A Book-Study" (Review of John Spargo's "The Spiritual Significance of Modern Socialism")
pp. 99-112 - "In the Mirror of the Present"
pp. 112-115 - Robert E. Bisbee: "Initiative and Referendum News"
pp. 115-117 - Bruno Beckhard: "Public Ownership News"
pp. 118-123 - Robert Tyson: "Proportional Representation News"
pp. 124-126 - Hazel Hammond Albertson: "Cooperative News"
pp. 127-128 - "Notes and Comments"

pp. 131-139 - George Wharton James: "Benjamin Fay Mills"
pp. 139-152 - B.O. Flower: "'The Third Degree': A Modern Play Illustrating the Educational Value of the Drama"
pp. 152-160 - Lewis Worthington Smith: "Italian Freedom and the Poets"
pp. 160-170 - Carl S. Vrooman: "Railway Nationalization Not Confiscatory"
pp. 170-176 - P. Gavan Duffy: "Is Modern Organized Christianity a Failure?"
pp. 177-189 - George R. Stetson: "Industrial Classes as Factors in Racial Development"
pp. 189-196 - John Haynes Holmes, Rose Pastor Stokes, Helen Campbell, and Joseph Lorren: "Why Race-Suicide with Advancing Civilization? A Symposium"
pp. 196-201 - Theodore Schroeder: "Prostitution as a Social Problem"
pp. 201-204 - C.A.G. Jackson: "Errors of the Enemy" (Defense of Socialism)
pp. 205-206 - Eliot White: "Tan-Bark" (Prose Poem)
pp. 206-212 - B.O. Flower: "The Editor's Quiet Hour"
pp. 213-214 - "Politics, The People and the Trusts As Seen by Cartoonists"
pp. 215-230 - "In the Mirror of the Present"
pp. 234-236 - Bruno Beckhard: "Public Ownership News"
pp. 237-241 - Robert E. Bisbee: "Direct-Legislation News"
pp. 241-244 - Hazel Hammond Albertson: "Industrial Cooperation"
pp. 244-246 - Robert Tyson: "Proportional Representation News"
pp. 247-252 - B.O. Flower: "Man in the Light of Modern Psychology: A Book-Study" (Review of Henry Frank's "The Mastery of Mind in the Making of a Man")
pp. 253-255 - "Books of the Day"
pp. 255-256 - "Notes and Comments"

(pdf pg. 287) - Stephen C. Cook: "Announcement" (Details of Bankruptcy)
(pdf pg. 287) - Albert Brandt: "An Explanatory Word" (Details of Bankruptcy)
(pdf pg. 288) - B.O. Flower: "Special Notice to Arena Subscribers" (On the Bankruptcy)
pp. 259-269 - Lawrence Hall: "David Warfield: The Actor and the Man"
pp. 269-274 - J.W. Bennett: "Harmonizing Our Dual Government"
pp. 274-284 - Elmer James Bailey: "Browning's Theory of Love as Developed in His Lyrical Poems"
pp. 284-290 - Rufus W. Weeks: "The Life-Religion"
pp. 291-293 - John Ward Stimson: "Some Modern Educational Readjustments"
pp. 294-301 - J.T. Sunderland: "Robert Ingersoll After Nine Years: A Study"
pp. 301-303 - Solomon Schindler: "'Why Race-Suicide With Advancing Civilization?' A Reply"
pp. 304-306 - Roland D. Sawyer: "Jesus, Woman and Divorce"
pp. 306-308 - Raimoran Dutt: "The Daw of Constitutional Government in the Orient"
pp. 309-317 - B.O. Flower: "James Russell as a Poet of Freedom and Human Rights"
pp. 318-319 - William Thum: "Democracy, the High School, and Self-Supporting Students"
pp. 320-321 - Eunice Tietjens: "Our Over-Developed Sense of Humor'
pp. 322-323 - Henry Frank: "The Defeat of a Mighty Corporation" (Consolidated Gas Co. of New York City)
pp. 323-327 - Ellis O. Jones: "The Central Bank Idea"
pp. 327-329 - Emily S. Bouton: "The Determining Vision"
pp. 330-348 - B.O. Flower: "Medical Explanations of Christian Science Cures Considered in the Light of Typical Cases"
pp. 348-352 - Richard A. Harte: "The Evolution of the Fourth Estate"
pp. 353-357 - John D. Works: "A City's Struggle for Political and Moral Freedom" (Los Angeles)
pp. 358-373 - "In the Mirror of the Present"
pp. 373-375 - Bruno Beckhard: "Public-Ownership News"
pp. 376-378 - Robert E. Bisbee: "Initiative and Referendum News"
pp. 379-382 - Hazel Hammond Albertson: "News of Industrial Cooperation"
pp. 382-384 - Robert Tyson: "Proportional Representation News"
pp. 385-390 - B.O. Flower: "The Novels of George Meredith: A Book-Study"
pp. 391-397 - "Books of the Day"
pp. 398-400 - "Notes and Comments"

JULY 1909 (WHOLE NO. 232)
pp. 408-414 - William MacLeod Raine: "How Denver Saved Her Juvenile Court"
pp. 414-424 - Elsie Wallace Moore: "The Suffrage Question in the Far West"
pp. 425-432 - Carl S. Vrooman: "An Apostle of Light" (Charles Seignobos of the Sorbonne)
pp. 433-450 - William Kittle: "The Making of Public Opinion"
pg. 451- Charles Edward Russell: "Assumptions versus Facts: A Satire"
pp. 452-460 - B.O. Flower: The Master Note in the Message of Christian Science and Its Preset-Day Significance"
pp. 461-466 - C.H. McColloch: "The People's Rule in Oregon"
pp. 467-472 - P.W. Hynes: "Why Working People Do Not Go to Church"
pp. 473-479 - Frank B. Sleeper: "A 20th Century Reformatory Movement in the Treatment of the Criminal"
pp, 480-487 - "In the Mirror of the Present"
pp. 487-493 - Bruno Beckhard: "Public Ownership News"
pp. 493-496 - Robert E. Bisbee: "Direct Legislation News"
pp. 496-498 - Hazel Hammond Albertson: "Cooperative News"
pp. 498-508 - B.O. Flower: "In the Valley of the Shadows: A Book-Study" (Book by Francis Grierson)
pp. 508-512 - "Books of the Day"

AUGUST 1909 (WHOLE NO. 233)
pp. 515-524 - George Wharton James: "Municipal Art in Western Cities: Eugene, Oregon"
pp. 525-534 - Leo H. Tolstoy: "'I Cannon Keep Silent'"
pp. 534-539 - Lyman A. Cotten: "Why China Sleeps"
pp. 539-550 - William A. Bowen: "Competition the Soul of Trade"
pp. 550-556 - Isaac M. Brickner: "Direct Primaries versus Boss Rule"
pp. 556-565 - B.O. Flower: "Turgot: Statesman, Philosopher, and Man"
pp. 566-568 - George H. Locey: "The Need of Remedial Legislation which is Basic, Permanent, and Progressive'
pg. 569 - Stuart Omer Landry: "Why Race Suicide With Advancing Civilization? A Reply"
pp. 570-589 - "In the Mirror of the Present"
pp. 589-592 - Bruno Beckhard: "Public-Ownership News"
pp. 592-594 - Hazel Hammond Albertson: "Industrial Cooperation"
pp. 595-600 - B.O. Flower: "Peace, Power and Plenty: A Book-Study" (Book by Orison Swett Marden)
pp. 600-608 - "Books of the Day"

"Paris the Beautiful" by Lilian Whiting; "Jesus of Nazareth: A Life" by S.C. Bradley; "The Economic Foundations of Vice" by John McElroy; "The South Americans" by Albert Hale; "Psychical Research and Resurrection" by james H. Hyslop; "The American as He Is" by Nicholas Murray Butler; "The American College: A Criticism" by Abraham Flexner; "Our Own Columbia That is To Be" by Leonard Brown; "The Realm of Light" by Frank Hatfield; "The Sun-Dial" by Fred M. White; "The Stuff of Drama" by Edith Sessions; "An Adventure in Exile: A Romance of Normandy" by Richard Duffy; "The Harvest Moon" by J.S. Fletcher; "The Wolf-Hunter" by James Oliver Curwood.

"As Others See Us" by John Graham Brooks; "The Tragedy of Man" by Imre Madach; "More: A Study of Financial Conditions Now Prevalent" by George Otis Draper.

"Some New LIterary Valuations" by William Cleaver Wilkinson; "Abraham Lincoln" by Brand Whitlock; "Lincoln's Love Story" by Eleanor Atkinson; "The Death of Lincoln" by Clara E. Laughlin; "Profit and Loss in Man" by Alphonso A. Hopkins; "How to Develop Power and Personality in Speaking" by Grenville Kleiser; "The Principles of Anthropology and Sociology in Their Relation to Criminal Procedure" by Maurice Parmelee; "Historic Ghosts and Ghost-Hunters" by H. Addington Bruce; "Right and Riches" by Charles O. McCasland; "The American Executive and Executive Methods" by John H. Finley and Joh F. Sanderson; "Interludes" by Thomas S. Jones, Jr.; "Emmanuel" by Clarence J. Clarke; "The Cell as the Unit of Life and Other Lectures" by Allan Macfadyen.

"The Gay Ganani of Gingalee" by Florence Hutley; "Satisfied at Last" by Martin Sindell; "Comrades: A Story of Social Adventure in California" by Thomas Dixon, Jr.; "The Mystery of the Pinckney Draught: A Study in Constitutional History" by Charles C. Nott; "The Coming Science" by Hereward Carrington; "The Educational Ideal in the Ministry" by William Herbert Percy Faunce; "An Essay on the Distribution of Livelihood" by Rossington Stanton; "Entering the Kingdom" by James Allen; "A Junior Congregation" by James M. Farrar; "The Marooner" by Charles Frederick Holder.

"Who Answers Prayer?" by Florence Huntley; "Home Problems from a New Standpoint" by Caroline L. Hunt; "Priests of Progress" by G. Colmore; "Fifty-four Forty or Fight" by Emerson Hough; "The Missioner" by E. Phillips Oppenheim; "In the Valley of the Shadows" by Thomas Lee Woolwine; "More's Millennium" translated by Valerian Paget; "A Motley Jest" by Oscar Fay Adams; "Out of the Depths" by George A. Parker; "The Maison de Shine" by Helen Green; "Cupid the Surgeon" by Herman Lee Meader; "Parsimony in Nutrition" by James Crichton-Browne; "The Wild Geese" by Stanley J. Weyman.


This index compiled by Tim Davenport ("Carrite") for, January 5, 2013.

Year 1909
Language English
Collection thearenamagazine; magazine_rack; additional_collections


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